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My Breastfeeding Support Services

I offer breastfeeding, lactation and tongue-tie (Frenulotomy) support for mothers and families who need further guidance, consultation and follow up to ensure a successful breastfeeding experience in my home clinic in Chapelhall ML6 8QT. I offer absolute continuity of care.
Most babies are born knowing how to suck, but not always knowing how to suck properly at the breast, and most mothers are not quite sure how to go about helping the baby learn.
Both first-time and more experienced mothers often appreciate advice, support and encouragement before the baby’s arrival and after, to establish a successful breastfeeding relationship.

During Pregnancy

This consultation will enable expectant mothers and couples to explore and learn more about breastfeeding. Topics covered include:
Benefits of breastfeeding
How to get off to a good start
How breast milk is made
Effective positioning and attachment
Types of birthing and their effect on breastfeeding
Normal feeding patterns

After Birth

  • A thorough observation and assessment of your breastfeeding technique
  • An explanation of the probable reasons for the difficulties
  • A maternal breast assessment
  • An infant oral anatomy and sucking assessment
  • Latching and positioning help
  • Weight check of baby, if required
  • Tips and information for practical management of breastfeeding
  • A feeding plan tailored to your needs to help you reach YOUR breastfeeding goals (not mine), taking into consideration your lifestyle, circumstances and preferences
  • Answers to any breastfeeding questions you may have
  • Handouts / emails relevant to your situation (if required)
  • Contact information for resources in your area
  • Comprehensive report for you and your GP, HV, MW's records, if needed
  • A follow-up feeding plan and to keep in touch as required
  • Kind, gentle, and compassionate care

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Tongue Tie Support
My aim is to provide specialist support and treatment for babies with tongue-tie who are experiencing feeding difficulties.
I can see babies up to the age of 9 months and they can be breast or bottle fed.

During the COVID 19 pandemic assessment and division of tongue-ties will only be taking place in my home clinic. Home visits are temporarily suspended. As the clinic appointment times will be reduced, so there is less face to face time, a telephone consultation will be needed first. During this your medical and breastfeeding history will be discussed and support with feeding will be offered and provided. You will be fully informed about the tongue-tie division procedure, the benefits and the potential risks. Photos and videos of your baby's mouth and feeding technique can also be analysed. If a tongue-tie is suspected or face to face feeding support is needed then you will be able to attend a clinic appointment for further assessment. This will usually be available within a few days after your telephone consultation.

Within the clinic the appearance and function of your baby's tongue will be assessed. If your baby has a tongue-tie and it is clear that it is causing feeding difficulties or feeding related problems then your baby's tongue-tie can be divided, with your consent, within the initial clinic consultation. Specialist feeding support will also be available to you. If the decision is made not to have the procedure you will be offered support with other strategies to help resolve your feeding difficulties. You can arrange for a tongue-tie division at a later date if you would prefer to work on feeding techniques first. Following a clinic appointment free online support will be available for the week afterwards.